Friday, December 31

Australia Zoo

After a rest day, we ventured to Australia Zoo up on the Sunshine Coast at a place called Beerwah.  We travelled by train, and there was a 'courtesy' bus to the Zoo - though as it was a very busy day and some minor roadworks the traffic was hellish.  Still we got there and joined the throng.

This Zoo was made famous by the late Wildlife Warrior Steve Irwin who tragically was killed by a stingray barb in 2006, and his wife and children carry on the work that he was doing.  He was famously known for his work with crocodiles.  All Australia mourned the passing of Steve and I think most Australians watched the moving tribute to him and his work in 2006 not long after he was laid to rest.

His daughter Bindi is the "front girl" of the Zoo - and not only has she taken off from where her father left off with his environmental work, she sings and dances in some of the shows and on the day we were there she and her little brother Robert, also performed with their mother in the Crocoseum.

My friend and I watch the show in the Crocoseum, which was amazing.  "Awesome" as Terri would say.  
The birds flying in and around the stands and returning to their trainers was amazing, and the performance with Graham the crocodile was interesting, scary and worth seeing.

Afterwards we ventured to other parts of the Zoo - which is the cleanest, nicest zoo park that I have seen - the gardens were lush, and little or no rubbish was to be seen.  Lots of zoo staff were around - some holding birds or animals, and always very helpful.

At the end of the day we visited the Animal Hospital before our strange journey home - lots of misinformation about our travel options, but in the end it was OK.

I did meet some lovely people - in the courtesy bus I sat next to a Chinese student - and she introduced me later to her friend and her friend's mother.  The latter are returning to China (Xi'amen) on Sunday, but we all had quite a chat, especially as we waited in the bus stop for the bus.  I had a chorus of  "ni hau" when I got to the bus stop.

The Bronzed Irwin Family

Little Robert practicing swinging between trees

Terri and Bindi

Wes in the pool with Graham (who previously bit him on the bum)

Happy Camel

Snoozy dingoes

Hungry cassowary - see the chunk of food in his neck

In all a good day.  Enjoy the photos.

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