The Astra is back

Dear Mr B brought the Astra back - a little bit better off than it was when it went - but as he says it is an 'old' car.  Damn.  I would have liked to have the Calais for a while!!  Still, I am certainly not complaining - his offer was extremely generous yesterday, and I'm glad I returned the Calais without a scratch!

The wet season is upon us - the Ashes Cricket match was fortunate that it was not a week later - it may have been washed out.

Christmas is upon us, and in our family we have a host of birthdays. Three of our four grandchildren have a birthday in December. The shops are full of Christmas music, decorations, and great displays in an effort to drag as much money from our wallets as they can.

Mr B's wonderful car !  Holden CalaisV
I've still got Christmas shopping to do, and a lot of preparations, but I have also got some study with a lot of reading and writing to do.  This week is the first week of the semester for Swinburne.

It is so quiet here at Paddington - but today I will venture into the city to do some shopping, return a book to the library and collect another one.


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