Saturday, November 13

Will I or won't I?

It is mid November and soon I will have to decide what to do next year.  This house sit will continue until the end of January (though I am always aware that if something happens to my "host" in China she may come back early and I have been listening to her challenges with Bell's Palsy with interest. Luckily she seems to be improving, and I admire her for persisting with the Chinese hospital!)

I am enjoying this house sit - plenty of peace to continue my studies.  My big decision is what do I do in February 2011?  Do I stay here at Paddington if she decides to do another semester at Yuexiu?  Or do I go to China/Yuexiu?  The latter I would prefer, but family commitments weigh heavily on me.
I know I could continue my study in China - that does not present a problem to me, and I think of the $$$'s I can save by being there.  But what about Mum and Dad?  If anything happens to them I would have to return home to Australia.

What do I do?  I don't have to made a decision IMMEDIATELY, but d-day is looming.


Frangipan said...

go to China it is a brilliant country!

Di Hill said...

I love China. We will see....