Tuesday, November 30

What a Day!!

I left early as I had a doctors appointment at Manly West - and I headed there with plenty of time to spare, and was called in early.  All my heart tests showed nothing - got a really good healthy report, so that is good.  My foot is another story - and I've accepted that I will need to see a foot specialist in the new year, but won't worry this year.

Perhaps it is arthritis - or something else. But again nothing showed up on the x-rays.  Then I went to pick up my new sunglasses.  For all the years I have been wearing glasses I've not had glasses with my precription in them until this time.  I now have "Audrey Hepburn" Glasses!!!

Then it was off to visit a friend who is embarking on a political career.  We chatted for a while.  Then I headed off to a friends place for lunch.  After lunch we walked back to the car and I noticed the front end was dangling a bit - the bumper area. Mmm. Nothing I did - and I don't think anyone has done anything to the car while I have been its carer.  I carefully drove to my daughter's place, she was not home, so I headed back to Paddington

I sent a message to my friend - her husband runs the Holden dealership at Caboolture - and asked that he call by and look at the car (it's a Holden Astra), but it is the end of the month and he is busy and was going out to dinner.  She suggested I ask the guy who lives downstairs - he's a mechanic.  Good thought!!  Which I did, and he looked at his mother's car, explained to me how it was done (mother got the blame!), and set out to contact the Holden guy about some bits that are needed to clip the front end back.

I learn this morning that he did not do so - so I am grounded.  Not that I am bothered by this as I had planned a day at home to do my study.  Still......

And the cricket was a draw!!!!!  OMG - I thought after such a good start that the Aussies would win.

My "pet" possum is back living in the gutter, and the lone kookaburra which is continually bullied by the noisy miners is still around.  

I better get back to house work and studying!!!

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