South Bank

I caught the bus from Paddington into the city on Saturday and visited the South Bank Markets.  I didn't intend to spend any money, but found some things I'd like to buy - perhaps in a few weeks time.

From the pool at South Bank looking towards the city.
The grounds of South Bank, despite construction going on almost all around were neat, clean and the gardens looking very sprightly.  There are some new shops/bars/restaurants since my last visit there. I had lunch (fish and chips) which did not impress me.  Perhaps it was the guilt of eating such high calorie food..........

One item that I really enjoyed and I must go back and get some photos - was of one of the stalls in the market, full of fabulous photographs by Ben Messina.  (see photograph above).

The photographs are amazing - I cannot find the words to describe them.  Just standing in the little marquee at South Bank looking at the wondrous images of the Australian landscape is inspiring - makes you want to go and see them in real life.  He is an amazing photographer.


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