Returned Soldiers March Through The City

As I am now living closer to the city (it is only a short bus ride away) I went into the city on Saturday to see the march through the city to welcome back the Australian military who have been in Afghanistan, East Timor, and Iraq.  2500 soldiers, along with horses, a dog and a sheep, and some heavy military machinery made their way through the city streets.  It was November 20th, 2010.

I attended - in part because I wanted to be there.  Also I wanted to visit South Bank markets later - so was able to do both.

On both sides of Adelaide Street, rows of people many with cameras, many with flags clapped and cheered and encouraged the soldiers.  It was a privilege to be there.  I'm so pleased I was there.

(One thing that really stood out was the typical Aussie humour revealed with the name of the military vehicles.)


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