Tuesday, November 2

Possum explosion

As I am going to be away for a few days I was giving the plants some extra water, and I emptied a bucket of water onto one of the ferns and it "exploded" which really shocked me.  I soon saw the cause - a dear little possum, which had probably been sound asleep in the middle of the fern, was as a shocked as I was - and was clinging to the outside of the hanging basket.  He soon took a leap of faith into the garden and disappeared.

As dusk came, I heard a noise on the deck, and there he was sneaking around again.  I wonder if he will come back after two frights like that?  Possums are a big problem in this area - damaging gardens and making terrible noises as they party on the roof are two of the issues, but they are protected.

Locals do trap them and take them to Mt Coot-tha and let them go, but it seems as one goes another moves in.

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