Lifestyle Markets at South Bank.

Each Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, lifestyle markets appear in the middle of South Bank - a great place for shopping or just wandering.  I was there to get a replacement chain for my Pandora bracelet.  And I like looking though I did not spend a lot of time 'window shopping.'

After the march I walked across Victoria Bridge towards South Bank - there were quite a few other people doing just that too.  I had to laugh because near the bridge was a few deposits of horse poo - clearly a group of the horses had waited here and I'd suggest it was one of the groups in the march.  One father, carrying his 7 week old baby got very angry.  "This is disgusting" he said as he tiptoed round the piles.  The council should fix this immediately."  I had to laugh to myself - it was as if he'd never seen horse poo up close - and I found quite amusing.  It was something I saw quite a lot of once upon a time, before sealed roads and when the milkman, iceman, and others delivered with horse and cart.

Still I ventured onwards to the markets.  I made my purchase, and then found some other stalls of interest.  At one I bought a new necklace and ear ring set ($20) in my favourite colour.

I chatted with some of the other stall holders, including the guy I've spoke to before - Julie Holland's husband.  He mans the stall - but she creates the wonderful photographs.

Julie Holland writes some wonderful words on the cards, and takes the photos while her husband creates very interesting products using her photographs.  The frames and brooches are great gift ideas too.  You can see more of her work at

Or you could visit her blogsite

I bought my pandora things at a stall there - they have really good deals - you can choose 6 beads, and they will give you the bracelet all for about $16.  A wide variety too.


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