Tuesday, November 2

How time flies

I have been here at Paddington for almost two months now.  I have met quite a few neighbours, and sad to say, I've met more friendly neighbours here in two months than I did in 16 years at Wynnum West!  There are not many children around here - mostly older people though at the end of the street I know there are several families.  Still it is quiet.

"My" birds come and go - they were getting a bit aggressive a couple of weeks ago, so I stopped feeding them.  Several came on Sunday and yesterday, even the regal magpie yesterday, and they were better behaved.  If I throw the food in the air they catch it, and do not try to peck it out of my hand!

There are two metal birds in a pond in the back yard - and sometimes the miner birds stand on the metal birds heads to dive into the pond for their daily bath.  Sometimes the metal bird falls into the water and it looks so funny.  Once it looked like there was a dead bird in the pond and the birds were shrieking around it.

The miner birds do not come for a feed - managing to find enough insects and small lizards to live on, and i think they like the nectar in some of the Australian native trees that are around here.

One metal bird stands tall, and the other has fallen.

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