Monday, November 22

House Sitting Websites

I am often surprised how big the house sitting "market" is.  I know from previous experience how expensive it is to put animals in kennels to go on holidays, and then rely on friends or family to keep precious plants alive.  I know I have always had a great sense of relief  when I have returned from holidays and the house is still standing and that all my worldly goods are untouched!  

Until a few years ago I had not thought of using house sitters - I had no idea such people existed.  And at the time I am not sure how comfortable I would have been having a stranger come into my house.  However, I have been a house sitter on and off since 2005 I think.  Not exactly sure.  

I have listed on a website, but in truth, most of my house sitting has come from friends or word of mouth.  In fact, far more come my way than I can manage.

Often the dates clash - with some of my travels.  I don't do big animals - I'm happy to walk big dogs, but not always comfortable looking after big dogs.  I don't do horses or cows, though I am happy to keep an eye out for them, but I am not really happy being in close quarters with such an animal.  I don't do snakes either.

There are quite a few websites that list house sitters, and houses (or people really) looking for house sitters - and I recommend  There is a small fee for those serious about house sitting to pay to get the details of the houses.  

I have had references from those whose houses I have cared for  but generally I don't need them.

This is the longest one I have done - and I have two months to go before the owners return (all being well.)  It has been so quiet and peaceful that I have been able to get on with my study with few interruptions.  I've found the neighbours here in Paddington extremely friendly.

My study is over for this semester, but will start all over again in a couple of weeks.

I'm going to have a break and go to the first day of the Ashes Cricket series at the Gabba on Thursday.

This bird visited me yesterday - and I noticed one sitting high in the stands watching the cricket last night. 

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How does one get started doing house sitting? Should I advertise on Craig's list, start a website or what?
My name is Tom, and my e-mail is