Funny Day.....

It was one of those day.  I was planning to work on my uni assignments all day - and I did.  But it was a bit weird.  

When I was making my breakfast, the young man who lives in a bungalow on the property came outside wrapped only in a towel, and relieved himself in the garden.  I smiled.  I bet his mother would not be impressed.  Shortly after I noticed a cab in the side street, and I watched as he took an empty Southern Comfort bottle from the taxi and "discreetly" deposited near the gutter.  Then he too relived himself.  Could have hidden but clearly though no one was looking.  

I heard the cab go - don't know if he collected a passenger or not.  

Later the young man who first peed, came out for a second one.  Same spot.  What is this?  Three times within an hour or so, some guys pee in front of me.  Clearly they did not bother to hide.  

The rest of the day was uneventful - I kept writing, rewriting, writing, rewriting, etc.  The young man had a number of guests, and I ignored them - shut the doors so I couldn't see them.  I watched a few things on television, including the Australian telemovie "Sisters of War" which was excellent.  Very emotional.  

I don't know of the party was still going on - it was not noisy, but I noticed an outside light still on - near the car port.  It had been on for hours, so I looked around for a switch.  It was 10 pm and I was going to watch the interview with the two ladies who inspired the movie, but as I touched one switch the house was plunged into darkness.  I'd blown a fuse perhaps.

I sent a text message to the young man - thinking he's know where the switch box was - but clearly he had no idea what to do, so I went to bed in the darkness, with little more than the shining moon to guide me.

When I awoke this morning, I found the electrician's phone number, and at around 8.15 am I phoned him.  He directed me through the house, into a storeroom downstairs and I had to climb up and turn a switch on.  It worked - lights were back on again.  I might add that when I stepped onto a ledge to reach the switch box I stood on a half eaten avocado. The man of the house had spent a couple of days living downstairs.  Didn't remove all his debris, clearly.

Upstairs I noticed the television was not working, so I dug around looking for the power switch for it - hidden in a cupboard with circuit breakers etc on.  I fiddled and soon got the television on.

I did watch the interviews of the two ladies from the movie - on line.  You can see the movie and interviews there too.  I recommend the movie - click on this link to find it.


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