Thursday, November 4

Adelaide and the folks

I flew to Adelaide yesterday (November 4th) with Virgin Blue airlines.  I'd booked and checked in online, so only had to drop my bag and wait. All very smooth really - had managed to get into Row 5 too, which is good. 

It was an excellent uneventful flight.  I remember when Virgin Blue first started in Australia they used quite a bit of humour in the cabin - but there is less now, though when welcoming us on board we were told that "smoking is prohibited on the plane and in the toilets where there is a very loud alarm."

Off the plane early and my bag was one of the first off, so into a taxi to Glenelg. Always the taxi driver I get in Adelaide is a student from India, Pakistan, or Iran.  This time it was a most pleasant Indian man, studying "automotive" and he was very nice.  Even loaded by bag into Dad's car boot.

Dad, as usual, was waiting at the good ship Buffalo, at Glenelg. He's not bad - 91 years old and still driving.We went straight home and went almost straight to see Mum.  She does not realise that she is right next door to their old home.

Mum got a shock to see me.  The look on her face showed her shock and then she started to cry.  "Why didn't anyone tell me you were coming" she sobbed.  Pretty hard really as she had been told by us all - I'd even phoned her myself, but her memory is so bad she doesn't recall anything much.

The day before she had attended the Melbourne Cup Party at the home, but had no memory of it at all.  Sad, very sad.

We went to her room and chatted for a while, and I took her up to the dining room (she calls it the restaurant) for tea, and I left her there sitting with her room mate who does not speak.

Dinner was at my sister's place - with her daughter (expecting a baby in January) and her husband. Good family get-to-gether.


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