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Since I have been at Paddington I have had the opportunity to read several books, including the horrific story of Souad, in Burned Alive (the story of a woman whose family tried to kill her by burning her alive in a so called "honour" killing), and Flying in Silence, by Gerry Turcotte, and I've almost completed Parky, the autobiography of Sir Michael Parkinson, who has graced our TV screens over many years.

Towards the end of the book he talks about the dignity of older people, and the work that he is doing, so I've done some research and found out quite a bit.  There are organisations in Australia trying to raise the profile of the way we care for our elderly, and as a past nurse and someone who is (a) interested in improving the care of those who are ageing and (b) has worked in the aged care industry as a Registered Nurse, (c) has elderly parents and dealing with a number of issues with them, and (d) getting older, I have a vested interest in the care of the elderly.

I'm not sure what I can do - but I am going to look into the possibilities of working with a good Australian group that is advocating for better aged care facilties.  Not only accomodation but better facilities all round.  I'll explain that at a later date anyway.  So as well as my studies, (in fact I may be able to incorporate this interest into my studies!), I will be looking at a range of organisations and lobbying.  

In fact, prior to the last election, I did write to politicians about this issue.

My mother, almost 95 is in care, as her dementia became more than my 91 year old father could manage.  Mum is in a nursing home right next door to where Dad now lives on his own.  As much as her dementia was a challenge to him when they were living together, his problem now is loneliness.  He does spend a lot of time with my mother, especially as it is only next door (something my mother does not understand), but it does distress him.

Sir Michael Parkinson has made this video.  Perhaps you will get some understanding of what he is doing in the UK.


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