Tuesday, September 21

Turkey Territory

As well as the butcher birds, miner birds, lorikeets and kookaburras (I hear them in the high trees but have not seen one here yet) there are bush turkeys.

I've seen quite a lot of them - either running through the property or most likely in the street.  It is a one way street immediately in front of the house, and there is a strip of walled land between this street and the one above that is for traffic travelling the other way.

Bush turkeys are rather shy creatures - and they prefer to be in the business rather than out in the open, and you can hear them scuttling around in the business before you see them.  Often they will make a dash from one section of bush to another - even going up or down the stairs between the two roads.

We didn't have any living in the Wynnum area - or at least in 17 years I have not seen any though they are quite common in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

It asbeen raining for a few days and everything is wet.  Including the washing as it just sits on the line (under the deck) but there is no breeze and drying will take a long time.

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MRM said...

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