Sunday, September 26

The Arrival of the Hire Engine.

Yesterday there were signs of a party in the street.  Two men arrived at the house next door carrying heavy Eskies very early in the morning.  I knew it was the AFL Football Final so figured that the boys were lining up for a footy party.  Later I heard the girls giggling and when I saw them it looked like they were dressed to go to a fashion show!  Were they staying for the footy party, I wondered?  No way!

Then a fire engine made its way down the hill - down the road in the opposite direction to the party house. No siren.  Strange.  Why would a fire engine tackle the hill if there was no fire?  I could see no whisps of smoke through the bushes, and when the fire engine came to the dead end, it manouvered to get out and turned up beside "my" house, and stopped in front of the house next door.

Still no fire - so I was curious.  Then I read on the side of the "fire" engine that it was "hire" engine.  The girls came out of the house, so did the boys, there was much laughing and photo taking, before the girls (via a step that appeared out of the back of the vehicle) climbed on board.

There was a "fireman" - dressed appropriately, and later when I did a Google and found this site and learned that you could hire the fire engine for birthday parties.  A "chauffeur driven fire engine available for you to hire for your next special event."  How clever!

The party went on all day - men carrying bottles and boxes arrived all day.  Certainly many watched the football and we heard the voices and cheers when a goal was kicked.  I heard them still partying near midnight, though they weren't really noisy (at least they did not keep me awake!)  This morning most of the cars in the street had gone.  I hope they got someone who had not been drinking to take them home!

(I learned during the afternoon that the couple who moved into the house recently are getting married next week - hence the party!)

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A decent party?