Friday, January 29


Well my house sit is over and I'm back home. It was a great one to do - and I hope I get to go back there at some time.

And I received a wonderful thank you gift - some great purple gloves and a purple scarf - great to use when I head off to China in a few week's time.

I think house sitting is becoming more popular - more folk are going away and they've learned that it is better to have someone stay in the house - the pets can be cared for in their own familiar territory, and there is someone to "care" for the house.

There were two events that made me feel that the stay in the house was a good idea. One was the damage to the pool fence and the security of the pool (see previous entry), and the other was when a pipe broke in another neighbours yard and started pouring water. Not only the waste of water, but left unchecked there would have been some damage.

I actually heard the water pouring minutes after the pipe broke and we were quickly able to stop the flow of water.

Also people with ill intent can see (by the presence of the car and the lights on and other activity that signals that the house is occupied) that there is someone there.

It was good to leave the house clean and tidy and feel confident about a job well done. I would have done washing this morning, but strangely enough it rained this morning and I didn't want to leave behind wet washing to be managed.

I'm welcome back there again, and there will be more opportunity there in the future.

Meanwhile, it is off to China.

(Saw a good long job in Ireland, but the dates are not good for me. A week later and I'd consider it.)

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