My house sitting goal.

When I do any house sitting I set out to genuinely care for the house. I don't like using much of what is available to me. I tend not to cook very much so many cooking appliances etc are not touched by me.

I am happy to use food that has a "used by date" that means it will be of little use when the home owner returns, and I like leaving the fridge with some fresh milk at least for when the home owner returns home.

I like gardening so I endeavour to not only keep plants alive, but I like them to look refreshed, so some things I carefully prune. I dead head some plants - at least with the dead blooms gone it looks much better. I don't touch things that I am not familiar with, or that I know are precious to the owner.

I do like to leave things cleaner than when I came. I have a few little tricks up my sleave that I don't sare with anyone, but I have the confidence in knowing I have made a difference. Curious? No, I'm not saying.

I'm careful to replace things EXACTLY where I found them - there's nothing worse than having your cupboards "rearranged" by a guest even if it was not intentional.

I hae just over a week left here. I'm "on top" of things, so there will be little extra to do as I leave. But I will ave the windows open so that there is fresh air, and I will endeavour to leave fresh flowers too.

Welcome home.


smith said…
glad you wrote this. i found some new things i need to think about cause i'm currently working as a housesitter. very good advices for someone who is starting out!

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