Another week to go

I've enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the latest house sit, but in one week it will be back to home again. For about three weeks before I head off to China for another semester at Shaoxing.

I'm still working as an ESL teacher and will work right up until the Friday before I go overseas, so I will have to catch up with a lot of things before I go.

I've bought my ticket, but not arranged by Visa yet. I was going to go to the Chinese consulate today, but I was called in to work for another teacher. It is always hard taking on someone's class at the last minute, and I had little time to get ready and go, and much less to prepare!!!

I met with one of my other regular house sit owners yesterday and she has more work for me later in the year. So busy! I'll just have to wait and see.

So much to do.


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