Wednesday, December 23

Xmas Chaos

Several things have conspired against me this week - Christmas (ok, I knew it was coming but I was ill prepared!), and one car not working. But I've managed to stay at the house all but one night, and I've fed the cat every day without fail.

Christmas is at our place on Dec 25th - with the family, grandchildren and all parents, but in the afternoon the Gold Coast group will be headed back there, and the others will join me with a swim in the pool at the house sit house.

We've had some pretty hairy weather - massive thunder storms, lightening and rain, but we've all escaped damage to our houses and property so far, but this is the time of the year for it!

We are having roast turkey, ham, and vegetables including Christmas tree potatoes (I'll have to get a photo to show them off!), a variety of vegetables and pudding. Traditional Xmas Pudding.

I've got some activities for the children to do - and I'm making a special punch with Cranberry juice for those who don't want to drink a lot of alcohol.

We were planning to hold it outside - but decided the indoors with the air conditioning if necessary will be a better plan.

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