Saturday, December 19

What a lazy day!

Not ALL day, but quite a bit of it. I did walk down to the supermarket at Lutwyche this morning to get a few things. It was a hot walk but I enjoyed it. It's rather different to see the streets at the level of a walker - you see much more rubbish as well as detail of the old houses around here. Boy, so many need some updating.

Gardens are looking pretty desperate - mostly dead so it is not as lush and green as we'd expect at this time of the year. I bought a few bags of groceries and got a taxi back to the house.

I had my lunch and then had a sleep. I can't remember when I last did that. I am very tired and the peace and tranquility of this suburb are very conducive to the daytime nap.

This afternoon I've been lazing around and watching the Cricket Test from Perth on television - Australia v West Indies and it is quite interesting.

A storm came over this afternoon and there was some rain. Not a lot, but a warning has come on the television screen of huge storms to hit in the next half hour.

Lulu the cat and I are getting on fine - she's funny as she's not really friendly. I've done a few household chores and written a piece about Girl Guides, and pondered getting into the pool, but I'll leave that until tomorrow - especially with the storm looming.

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