New House Sit

My friend is travelling to the USA for Christmas holidays with her family and so I moved in to take care of the house. She'll be away for nearly 6 weeks, so here I am. A tough life.

The house is in a leafy upmarket suburb of Brisbane, an old house but modernised with a huge garden that like my own is ravaged by the lack of rain. (A storm with rain is predicted for tonight, so I hope it will refresh the plants.

It is a three bedroomed home with everything modern. Somewhat luxurious.

Did I say "quiet" leafy suburb? Oh, so much quieter than where I live on the corner of a street that seems to have become the joy of people speaking and roaring their cars!

In the back yard there is a swimming pool. A huge swimming pool.

In the hot humid summer of Brisbane which we are right in the midst of, it will be welcome.


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