Monday, December 28

Busy time

I've spent a lot of time at the "house sit" but don't stay every night. I do need to feed the cat - twice a day, although some days I've managed to leave enough food for two meals. The cat is still happy with me.

I am concerned about the broken fence - but rightly or wrongly have decided to wait until the owner's son comes back from his holidays and can do something about repairing the fence and billing the vandal neighbours.

The weather has been cloudy and wet for most of the Christmas long weekend - but still I enjoy the tranquility there.

I've been looking at other house sit opportunities - but that will all have to wait until I come back from China. I don't finish this one until the end of January and then only have just over three weeks to go before I fly out for the semester at Shaoxing. You can read about that here.

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