Plenty of House Sit jobs

appear in my inbox on a daily basis and I do look at them closely. Dreaming sometimes, because right now for several reasons I'm not in a position to take on any of them.

I'm still working to go to teach in South Korea in October - but have a lot of work to do on that. I have course material to write and still negotiations are under way - so not sure I am going to go. I have a house sit when I come back from South Korea - if I go. If I don't go, I will of course do the house sit anyway.

I am registered to get notifications re housesits in the UK and in Ireland as well as Brisbane areas, and there is no shortage of them at the moment.

My preferred site is Housecarers.


Anonymous said…
I absolutely agree! I go out of town all the time for work and am always hiring a house sitter. I use every time. I wish there were more independent people who would watch my home for me!

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