I keep looking

Each day I receive a message from www.housecarers.com listing the current/new opportunities for house sitting and I am a little frustrated by the fact that the dates don't always suit me. I did half heartedly apply for one recently - more in the vein of if you don't get a suitable sitter, and you are desperate let me know, as I live nearby and could do it at a pinch.

They found someone that sounded more enthusiastic than I was at the time - but I was after all, just back from 10 weeks in Korea, and had quite a few other things to do.

Todays offering was interesting. One for just over three weeks just north of Brisbane - not an area I'm keen to stay in, and one in the UK, and another in Ireland. The latter two had great appeal, but sadly the dates do not suit me, and until I get my tax money the bank balance is a little low.

However, it is a daily activity to check on the offerings and at the moment, though I dream of the UK and Ireland, the reality is that I am only interested in local - east side of Brisbane and bay islands - jobs.

The daily chore - ten minutes of checking and dreaming - is for me my only close association with house sitting, but it won't be long and off I go again. Somewhere.


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