Strange things happen.

I knew that when my friend went overseas, I would be asked to "house sit" for her, and sure enough when I spoke with her yesterday she gave me the dates - it is next month (March) for nearly 4 weeks.

But things change. My husband has been in hospital - he has had some heart pain and it seems one of his coronary arteries is blocked. Today the surgeons attempted to put in a "stent" which would open up the blocked artery. However, they have not been able to do the procedure. I am waiting on information, but it may be that the artery was not straight at the point that needed the stent, so alternate methods are required and I am still waiting to find out what that will be.

It may be that further surgery is on the cards, and that a longer stay in hospital with a longer recuperation. Maybe I will not be able to house sit on this occasion.

I guess I will know in a few days. Strangely this is all happening just days before his 65th birthday.


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