More house sitting to come?

My time in China is almost over. I have just over two weeks left here before I return to Australia. At the moment my only house sitting job is in September or October, so I will have to look and see what is available.

There are two house sits - one just north of London and another in Ireland which would suit me - but I cannot access the website from here, so will have to wait and see if they are still availabel when I get back to Australia.

If I was REALLY KEEN to do either of them I would of course find a way to access the additional information I need, but at the moment I am not sure what lies ahead of me.

I have some writing to do, and there is a possibility I will be working with another colleague to get more foreign teachers to China from Australia. I have been working on two books that focus on China. One is about helping Chinese students to get to know their foreign teachers and improving their English and the other is a novel about a Chinese girl. Much work needs to be done on both of these and I also need to work on the Irish story.

So what 2009 has in store for me I do not know, but I do hope to enjoy some house sitting in the UK or Ireland at some stage.

I love travelling - so I will have to wait and see what I can manage in the coming months


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