House sitting to be come more popular during recession!

With the world finances in disarray and people trying to find ways to get good value for their depleting funds, it is a good time to look at house sitting as a way to get a low cost holiday.

Despite the financial woes of the world people will still want to take holidays, or still need to travel on business. They will still need their pets and their house cared for while away so gret opportunities should arise for those who are free to do some house sitting.

Even if the house sit is in your own region, it is as good as a holiday. If it is in your locale the travel costs are low and you can keep and you will be close to your friends.

If it is some distance away you will only have to be concerned about your travel costs - and you could have a great holiday.

There are some great venues available - even overseas if you wish!

House sitting is a saving for all - a true win/win experience. A good house sitter is a great help to people who do not wish to leave their pets at kennels, or who want their garden and house cared for. I enjoy "getting away" and exploring new locations and I don't mind if it is not far from home.


Shado said…
Actually there has been a down turn in the housesitting market as well. Housesits are short and people have been cancelling. One agency I do a lot of work for is having a lot of trouble with very short sits and cancellations. I have had one cancelled sit and one shortened sit already. And other recent sits have been very short.

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