House Sit Dreams

It is less than three weeks before I head back to China. Obviously I am not looking for house sit opportunities at the moment but I am still a member of Housecarers and will maintain my membership.

I will be looking for house sits in England or Ireland for next year. One needs to be keeping a look out months in advance. Some folk organise their request many months in advance, while others have needs at short notice.

Daily I receive an email with offers for the regions that are of interest to me. Today there were four. Oh, how I have to just dream. There is one position near Bowen in North Queensland which is for two months, and is right on the beach. Now that would be a dream job for me.

There was also a short term one in Ireland - but not the area that interests me most. But I can still dreaM.

Certainly my house sitting days are not over - just on hold for a while.

I was in a hospital waiting room today, chatting with a lady who is a great traveller. Her and her husband have backpacked and cycled around places such as South America, China and India I think. They just set out and travel - whereever the urge takes them.

Maybe I should have started my travelling much earlier - but like other folk, marriage, children, work, responsibility etc gets in the way. Let's hope that it is not too late for me to do some more travelling.

Bring it on!


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