Updating my availability

My house sitting career is on hold - I go to China in less than three weeks so I am updating my details on the two websites that I am registered as a house sitter.

I'm impressed with Houseminders - and they have some interesting house sits for European countries, so I've listed my availability from July 08, when I expect I will be back in Australia.

My husband and I were planning to go to Europe in July - but that is probably going to be delayed until later in the year as he is considering a knee replacement - as it happens, while I am away. (I don't think this is a wise move really - as we have a highset (two level) house, and a dog to be cared for, and at best he will be on crutches with quite a few months of physiotherapy, and he won't be able to drive. Rather improbably to me!

I'm committed to China - in more ways than one - so not sure what we will decide in the next few weeks. Perhaps I'll need to "escape" to Europe in July - a long house sit in Ireland would be great.

I'm also registered on HouseCarers - so I will update my availability there too. Both sites offer house sits in Europe.


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