My house sitting will resume

I have at least two more jobs to do when I return from China. I really won't look at much on the house sitting sites for a while though I do enjoy dreaming of the possibilities. I really am looking at some options in the UK and Ireland for later in the year.

I am surprised to learn how many people are house sitting and come across them from time to time. There are some wonderful opportunities to travel while house sitting especially in Australia, but that is not on my agenda for the timebeing. One day I will do it, perhaps.

I have had extra ordinary experiences though.

Last weekend at the Manly markets I bumped into a lady whose house was the first I looked after. She has a wonderful poodle, and he was with her and it seemed that he recognised me. The dog jumped all over me. He was quite excited to see me.

I told her that I was going to China, and she told me that her husband also goes to China on a regular basis. He is a lawyer that has business connections with China. I met up with him later on, and had a chat. Now I don't expect to need any legal assistance in China, but I'm lucky to have this contact as he speaks Mandarin too.

Quite funny really.


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