The terrorist cat

OK, OK. So that really is not a terrorist. It just LIKES me. So much so that it has become very domineering again. It is not helped by the bad weather - it has been cool and windy, with frequent rainshowers, and I suspect the cat would rather be outside running around. Needs to burn off some energy maybe.

In any case, it won't leave me alone. I've fed it - probably overfed it to reduce it's meows. But it still seems to want more of me. If I sit down for a few minutes it sneaks onto my lap. I do allow it to lapsit for a while, but when I want to move, it protests and hangs on when I try to remove it.

It has sat on my computer keyboard to stop me typing, it has stood behind my computer screen and stared at me over the top, it has tried to sit on my paperwork. You name it - it's tried it.

Now I feel somewhat sorry for the cat - it's only family having left it behind, but I don't need to be terrorised. Can't we be friends without being up close and so personal?


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