It is all over...............

What a week that was! As well as a whole raft of things to do, including researching the possibility of going to China to teach, I had the TESOL course to do. For three nights (Wed, Thu, Fri) it was 6 pm to 10 pm in the class room, and on the Saturday and Sunday a marathon 9 am to 6 pm and there was little spare time.

It was very interesting and fascinating - so glad I did it. I met a great bunch of folk at Teach International and feel a lot more comfortable about taking on the teaching position in China. I wonder where it will all lead me as there are wnderful opportunities all around the world. But - one at a time.

As well as doing the course I had to pack up my things at the house sit, do the housework and move out - ensuring that all the animals were alive and well. It was 10 pm on the Sunday night that I locked the cat inside, switched off all the lights, and departed. The cat was not amused about being locked in - but I needed to know that it could not wander off.

I returned home and collapsed. Exhausted. Happy.


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