House sitting plans on hold

At the moment I have no bookings for further house sitting, but I watch with interest the offers that are available. If only.......

But today I have an interview with an organisation that is interested in offering me a position teaching English in Taiwan or China. I'm quietly excited about this - though know that I will have to take a big deep breath if I want to go. In some ways it is brilliant as I would probably be back in time to go o/s in July. They are talking about 4 - 4 1/2 month contracts.

I have been working hard on my Irish story - and hope to have that almost finished by the end of the month. It is exciting. But funny in that I have a few things "on hold" until I know what is going to happen.

I have enjoyed this house sit that comes to an end at the weekend. I love the peace here (I'm sure I've said that before). I know the folk want me back in July but that is probably the time I will be in UK myself.

I am working on my new weight loss program - Dr John Tickell's - which I am finding very easy to do, and I think will be easy to follow if I work overseas. Especially as it is based a lot on fruit and vegetables. Just think I might come back trim, taut and terrific. And healthier I'd expect.


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