Wednesday, December 5

A week to go

Well, it is just over a week before I start my next house sit. It will be for a long period - about 4 or 5 weeks I think it works out, and I do hope to get some writing done, even though Christmas and New Year is in the midst of the period.

We had a summer storm today - heavy rain in parts, but not much here, but the humidity is excessive. I'm glad the house that I live in and the one I'm looking after are both air conditioned, so if we have more of the same weather, I'll not notice it too much.

There are heavy rains forecast for summer, but after such a prolonged drought, we will just have to wait and see.

I remember years ago when we first moved here, this hot and humid weather was common at this time of the year, as were severe tropical storms, flooding rains etc. Climate has changed, of that I have no doubt.

Some pundits are predicting flooding rains this summer.

Anyway next week, I'll get myself organised to drive the 2 kms to the house sit.

Meanwhile this weekend we are off to a place called Lagoon Pocket Bed and Breakfast, just south of Gympie. We are taking Kramer and his new furry friends at Lagoon Pocket are looking forward to meeting him. He's not usually friendly with other dogs, so we shall see.

There are lots of house sit opportunities at this time of the year, but I'm busy. I am booked and looking forward to it!

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