So far all is well

The cat asleep in the washing basket on top of the washing machine.

All is well with the house sit - I've kept the remaining cat in all night so I see it each morning before it runs out the door and does it's rounds of the suburb each day. Initially the cat just ignored me - in fact I think avoided me. I was OK with that, but I know that the cat runs hot and cold.

The last two days it has been very friendly - over friendly in reality, and needs to sit on my lap. It is not easy to do things while a cat is "glued" to your lap, and she doesn't take too kindly to being moved.

On Christmas morning I fed her early, and then went to my real home, then my daughter's home, and later our son's home. Opening Christmas presents and celebrating as the children had a wonderful time. I must say I was a big gobsmacked at all the toys that the children received. So much money - and really so unappreciated. Not that the children didn't enjoy opening their parcels and finding more "loot" but I can tell that some will have little use. There were so many that it must have been overwhelming for them. No sooner had they pulled the paper of one present, but another gift was thrust to them to open.

In any case it was a big morning, and we came home from the Gold Coast after midday. Nice to see the police active on the highway. We have cruise control on the car, and it "amuses" us to see other cars passing us as if we were going backwards. The police caught many. :)

Since Christmas the cat has been exceptionally friendly - irritatingly friendly. I can't seem to do anything without her trying to get on my lap.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time reading and writing - and hope to do that later this afternoon and tomorrow.


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