New House Sit

Here I am at the new house sit. This is a home where I have been before. One cat (now) and 4 fish to feed and care for. I can't forget that the last time I was here the other cat went missing, so I'm keepin Fleder in at night now. Fleder doesn't mind.

I've not brought much stuff with me yet - as I have been back home frequently, but I will bring my printer and a few other things tomorrow. I hope by the end of tomorrow I'll have completed my Christmas shopping, cards etc. So it will be a big day.

On Sunday before I moved in here, I worked at the Manly markets selling flowers. While there I bought a lovely sarong. It's funny, when I saw it, there was a connection, but I didn't realise then what it was. Today I discovered it. As I was walking through the loungeroom at the house sit, I saw an identical one draped beautifully over an unusual chair.



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