House Sitting Website

I am registered with Housecarers and they've introduced a forum for house sitters to share information and ideas. It is one of the three house sitting sites that I communicate with because it has so many Australian opportunities.

It also had a lot of UK and some Ireland house sits, but strangely they have all disappeared. There must be another site with these details, or no one in these parts needs a house sitter. I had hoped that I might find one in the UK or Ireland for July 2008, as I may well be over there and getting some house sitting opportunity would be great.

It would not be very easy to co ordinate dates, but if I was booked in to house sit and arrangements were made over the next few months we could arrange our arrival and departure times to suit.

I'm surprised how many people do use house sitters these days - and I'm also intriqued that some folk wish to charge house sitters for caring for the house. I always think I'm good value and I'm happy to pay for phone (though I always use my own mobile/cell phone), and anything I use.

I think that it would cost a lot of money for the owner to use alternate pet care solutions.

Anyway I shall watch the sites to see what opportunities come up in July 2008.


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