I love a little flutter on the pokies, and I love visiting the Casino. Now let me explain. I can't recall the last time I put more than $5 into a poker machine. It is usually what gold coin I have in my purse at the time and win lose or draw, I'm soon gone. I have managed a modest win or two at my last few visits, but I'm hardly a regular. The Casino? Well, there is one, the Treasury Casino in the city - but it would be years since I went. It is a wonderful old historic building and the restaurants are fabulous, but it would be years since my last visit. I'm hardly addicted to gambling!

In the last year or so, our laws had changed so that hotels could offer alcohol and poker machine gambling from 7 am. Crazy? I would think so. Anyone who NEEDS to drink or gamble at that hour of day has a problem in my book, though I don't overlook those whose working life is not 9 - 5 and just might benefit from this long opening hours.

Anyway, we are seeing a flurry of changes - the very government (State ) that relaxed the rules, has now chosen to reduce the opening hours of these places - at least the hotels. The Casino is on a 24 hour licence anyway, and I guess that is fair enough. Perhaps it is because NOW we have a woman Premier! Smarter thinking.

But it has lead me to investigate on-line gambling. In Australia we do have some online gambling opportunities, but in the US and Europe there is much more interest in on-line gambling. Apparently there are more than 3000 on line casinos. Amazing. Isn't it clever - no need to leave home. Just visit an online casino!

Would some be a bit "shifty"? I would think so. How do you find out which ones? How do you compare such facilities? Research, research, research. Then trial and error, I guess.

There is a website that reviews online gambling sites - Pro
I think US and UK gamblers would find this helpful. I must say it is a bit overwhelming for me - I've never heard of all the games that are played and I think I'll stick to the poker machines. I do enjoy watching the activities on the casino floor - quite fascinating.

So, you don't need to go to a pub early in the morning for your gambling. Just check out the websites, especially those that review the online gambling "opportunities."

Meanwhile back in Oz - I'm impressed to see a woman take such strong control over the gambling in our state.


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