Four fish and one cat

How difficult should this be??? The fish are behaving well! I emptied the water (the required amount only) and the cat is alive and well. Well, last I looked.

But the cat is behaving badly. Last time we were very good friends, but at the moment she shuns me. I have patted her on occasions, but she tends to keep her distance from me. Last time she enjoyed being patted by my grand daughter, but this time she won't come and see us.

I have kept the cat inside each night, and she finds somewhere in the garage. I can't see her, but I know she is there.

I went to Coochie Mudlo Island to see our Gold Coast family and celebrate a 2nd birthday. I love visiting the island. It is so quiet, and peaceful. The red earth is a challenge. The red cliffs were used by the aboriginals many years ago to paint their bodies with the red ochre.
It is a 10 minute ferry ride from the main land, and has a lovely white beach. The wind was blowing which made the sea choppy and not so nice to swim, so we just went for a walk.
It was all green and fresh on the island - unlike our suburb which has seen very little rain. The lawns are crispy dry but will refresh when we get a good rain.


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