Saturday, December 15

Eumundi Markets

The empty markets on a Sunday

The Eumundi Markets are famous. They are one of the biggest and best presented markets that we have ever seen, and usually only open on Saturdays and Wednesdays when the village of Eumundi is overflowing with cars and people.
The products vary - wonderful clothes, crafts, food, locally grown and organic produce, jams, novelty gifts, plants, - almost anything! It is a wonderful place to shop! As it turned out we arrived in Eumundi on a Sunday, but the place was still quite busy. The cafe's and restaurants were doing good business, and the tourists and locals mingled in the park.

It was then that we discovered a permanent market. The building would just look like garages, as the doors opened up just like our garage door. When open new market stalls were revealed. These are permanent. It was good to wander round and check out the wares - very similar to those in the other market, but here they opened 7 days a week. Many of the traders would have been in the other markets and enjoy being under cover and protected from any inclement weather.

Some of the traders had dogs with them, and Kramer treated them with disdain as he walked around under our "guard".

We sat in a park after our walk around Eumundi, enjoying an icecream and watching children playing in the wonderful playground equipment under the trees.

The permanent markets behind the "real" Eumundi Markets.

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