It was a great meal. Excellent company, gracious hosts and wonderful food. And wine of course.

It was quite a warm night and we sat on the deck of the school master's house, and savoured every moment. Corned beef and vegetables, and a scrumptious caramel pudding, followed by rum balls and coffee. I don't enjoy coconut so I passed on the rum balls but they did look good.

We had a lot of laughter and we all chatted like old friends. Kramer sat under the table and made new friends, and growled if any of the bigger dogs came by.

The next morning we all met for breakfast at the school master's house. One of the bigger dogs had been banished. On the morning walk he chose to roll in some fresh cow dung! Again a great breakfast - this time fresh home grown paw paw and rockmelon, home baked bread rolls and muffins, followed by eggs and bacon cooked on the BBQ.

A wonderful lazy Sunday morning breakfast. Afterwards it was departure time for us, so we loaded our goodies in the car, along with Kramer and set off for a different drive back home. We called in at the South Gympie markets and bought some avocado, but nothing else.

It was a wonderful market, but not a lot that we wanted on that day. Driving back onto the main highway we headed south until just before the famous Matilda servo, and turned left and wended our way through the quiet country road to another winery.

Dingo Creek Winery has a grand history, and is apparently famous for its Jazz and Blues Festival each year. Hundreds of people camp out on the property, and some illustrious jazz muso's move in for several days of crazy jazz! Sounds fun. I wonder if we could make it next year?

The Winery was on the market, but proposed new owners are planning to continue with the famous Festival. We had a wonderful chat with one of the owners, and had a little look around the property.

The wines were wonderful and I bought a bottle of tall elegant bottle of Muscat.

The countryside is very green as they have had much rain lately, unlike other parts of Australia.

We were back on the "old" road, winding through some of the towns in the hinterland that we had driven through many years ago, prior to the motor way being completed.


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