Breakfast at Lagoon Pocket Bed and Breakfast

Tin Can Bay Marina

Tin Can Bay

Meals at Lagoon Pocket are on the swish deck of the host's house, which was the former headmaster's house of the Lagoon Pocket school. Much upgraded of course, but it does come with interesting history.

We set off for breakfast at 8.30 am - and found our hosts ready and waiting with the tabled beautifully set, with home baked bread, home made jams, some wonderful fresh sweet pineapple, fruit juices, and scrambled egg on muffin. And a pot of tea each. There were other guests in that night, but they had left early.

Kramer sat under the table - and hoped for some titbits.

After breakfast we set off to do some exploring. We had decided not to go on the Mary Valley Rattler - it had been raining, and we weren't sure what to do with Kramer. We'll save that for another day............

We drove into Gympie and through to the Tin Can Bay Road. We had been to Tin Can Bay - a long time ago. It is on the mainland - adjacent to the Military Camp where our soldeirs and others train. The road between Gympie and Tin Can Bay is surrounded on both sides by pine plantations, in various stages of their lives. In some areas there had been recent harvesting, and the piles of timber neatly stacked on the side of the road were waiting to be transported to timber mills.

Tin Can Bay is a pretty seaside village really, which has undergone many changes since we were last there. We drove around and had a look at the area, some beautiful homes, and a pathway that was popular with walkers and cyclists.

We bought some wonderful fish and chips from a shop on the waterfront. The tide was out, and there was a most pleasant faint breeze. We sat under one of the shelters with tables and seats. I had our picnic basket - so we had tablecloth and plastic plates. The meal was wonderful.

While we were at Tin Can Bay we visited the House Boat office, to get some information on hiring a houseboat one day. We have done this on many occasions on the Gold Coast Broadwater, and would love to take one out from Tin Can Bay as the fishing there is excellent.

On the way back we took a detour to a Winery. Sweet Water Winery was quite a distance from the main road, and some of the road was gravel, but we kept going. When we arrived we heeded the notice "Toot on Arrival." We went inside to be greeted by Tony, the owner, who is a very funny guy originally from Hungary, who had us in fits of laughter as he told his life story to us! Very funny man! We tried a number of his wines, and left with a bottle of his fabulous Port.

Eventually we got back into Gympie and made the short trip back to Lagoon Pocket and prepared for the evening meal, dining with the hosts and the other guests.


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