A visit to the Zoo

Well, it was part of the deal, and I had no choice but to honour my deal. Not that I was about to chicken out of it. I love the zoo myself and to take and excited young man was a bonus. Especially this time my sister was to join us!

We caught the train into the city, then walked down to the Torrens River and caught the river cruise boat, Popeye for a slow relaxing ride downstream for a short distance, and then back up through the amazing gardens that surround the river up past the University and around to the Zoo terminal.

We were soon off - and with an excited little boy we made it to the zoo. He could barely contain his excitement! He ran from one exhibit to the next! Zebras. Bears. Meerkats. Monkeys. Wide eyed with excitement he had to see it all!

In the Zoo Gift shop he spent his $20 - on a red t-shirt emblazened with a stylised zebra, and the words "Adelaide Zoo" which cost him $18.50 and a $9.50 dinosaur!

I discovered that whenever he was exhausted and wanted me to carry him, if I suggested food, he regained his energy for another hour or so. I was worred about getting him back home - but as it turns out C's son phoned, and offered to drive into the city and collect us! Saved again!

It gaves us some extra time, and we saw the zebras and penguins. The latter was his favourite exhibit. What a day! What excitement for a little fellow.

Back at the house it was time to bath a grubby little boy, pack our bags and try to fit in all the extra things we had bought, have a snack (eat! he has amazing appetite!) and leave for the airport!

C drove us to the airport, and we found our way in, checked in and waited for the time to board our plane. J was still wide eyed seeing all the planes, and knowing that he was getting on board to go home to see his mother, father and sister.

As it turns out we had to walk onto the tarmac and board the VirginBlue from the rear door and there he was walking UNDER the plane, with all the other plans standing around the tarmac. Again he was wide eyed!

Now he's almost a seasoned traveller! He climbs into his seat and puts on his seat belt and prepares for takeoff watching out the window as the night sky darkened. I had hoped he's sleep early on in the flight, but he munched his way through his own snacks and mine, and in the end fell asleep just an hour out of Brisbane!


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