Tired - oh how hard it was.

I was up early the next morning, as usual, but the body was struggling. I really had had such a busy couple of weeks that I knew it would take a few days to recover. (Here it is a week later and I'm still fatigued.)

I am no longer working - so I am pleased to have time to catch up with things that I had not done for a while. I've neglected the study - the writing and the TESOL, and I feel like spending time cleaning out the house. Late Spring Cleaning I guess.

In the lead up to an election I always have extra things to do and this is no exception so much of the "spare" time I would normally have will not come about.

I have a to do list for today that I will be glad to tick off. I bought a new printer so that I can print off photos direct from my camera's memory card, but I only had about five sheets of photo paper, so I must replenish my supplies. I was originally looking at purchasing a HP printer that just does photos, but in the end I bought a
HP that is also a scanner, copier, and I can still put my memory card it. It worked out cheaper, and if I send in the docket I get a digital photo frame so that I can run my photos independently of the computer.

Sounds like a bargain to me.

As well today I have to purchase my 2008 Diary - which I purchase from
Franklin Covey. I have used their diaries for many years and can't imagine doing all I do without the organisation of the diary. I've never attended their training - but use much of their system. I'm already getting dates for 2008 - so it is a must have as soon as possible.

I've got a few other things to do and hope to be back to do some writing and studying early in the afternoon. I'll feel good about it all then.


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