Friday, November 30

Learning about Google and E-commerce

The Internet is an amazing resource! And I am learning so much about people who create an income from the comfort of their own home and sell product without much difficulty. I’m interested in selling some e-books I have written, and walking tentataively through the maze of information that is out in the internet and the blogosphere.

I’ve come across one company that is apparently the leading provider of shopping cart
From what I have read it seems to be a good solution for folk who want to create a business this way.

I can remember when I first looked at information on this kind of software or shopping cart services that I was overwhelmed by all the information and in the early days the high cost of it. E-commerce software
has become more comfortable for those of us who are not highly technically educated.

Why have I got interested in all this? Well, I have written a couple of e-books, but I also attended a Workshop on Google Adwords on Monday night, which I found very interesting, and will look to see how I can use my new found knowledge.

And something awful happened on Monday night. I was asked to take some photos at the Workshop. As it turns out, though I had my digital camera in my hand at the workshop, I did eventually get engrossed in the content and forgot to take any photos. And it was there that I lost my camera. I’ve been back to the venue, and the venue for my next meeting, all with no luck. Somewhere I lost my camera.

Gone. I’ve been traumatised all week. I only had a few photos that I had not downloaded, but it’s having to live without my camera that is distressing.

We can claim on insurance, but it is not likely to be processed quickly. I think I’ll have to buy another one.

Meanwhile – I’ll keep exploring the information about adwords and e-commerce. Interested in e-commerce.

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