Tuesday, November 13

A good Sunday

My sister was called in to work on the Sunday. So master J and I were left to our own devices. We walked up to the little shop and bought the daily paper.

I must say here that I had introduced "The Golden Rule" and each time we left the house, I'd remind him of "The Golden Rule" which was supposed to be "Hold DeeDee's hand, and don't get lost," which he often shortened to "Don't get lost." But anyway it worked. So much so, that if I forgot to remind him, he would remind me!

After I read the paper - well, almost read it. With interruptions it was a hard ask. In any case, it was all boring! So we went up to the little park right next to the church where I worshipped when I was a little girl.

St Elizabeth's of Hungary, in Oaklands Park was opened in 1959, and though it has expanded since my days, and is now surrounded by a wonderful rose garden, it still brings back memories of those early days.

The little park next door to the church has a swing, and a slide, and we had a lot of fun there. J has increased his interest in aeroplanes - and several crossed the sky when we were there. He was fascinated by the jetstreams as two planes flew high overhead, probably from Melbourne to Perth, leaving a fascinating trail across the sky.

We returned to C's home, and got ready for our lunch at the Warradale Hotel with my parents. Master J confidently marched into the bistro, and took his place at the table. He ordered fish and chips, and I took him to the salad bar. I was quite impressed that he found a chair at a nearby table - pulled it over so that he had a good view of the contents of the salad bar! When he was finished, I asked him to return the chair. "You fix it he said" as he returned to the table! Of course I obeyed.

He made short work of the huge meal! And lined up for the promised icecream with chocolate sauce.

Afterwards we went to a park on the Sturt River - to feed the ducks. There were two ducks on the lawn and they enjoyed their feed, but we moved on to the large lake area where there are so many more birds.

On our way J through pieces of bread to some more ducks. And then to our great surprise we were "set upon" by some 20 geese. They were very intimidating! Master J clung to me from behind my legs leaving me to sort out the birds!

As it turned out they were just intimidating - and even I was glad to leave them behind, but they followed us, and once again made an onslaught to get some more food later on. It was an amazing experience! I have never been so close to so many geese, and about 8 were wonderful young birds.

We did wish that we had more bread to feed the water birds - but alas we just had a small supply that was soon taken. My mother had brought 3 over ripe bananas, but the birds were unimpressed.

Afterwards we went back to my sister's place for a cup of coffee, and soon my folks left and there was just J and I!

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