The body continues to suffer

With the Australian Federal Election on November 24th, I had to submit my body to further punishment. As a member of one of the conservative parties I worked in a futile attempt to "save" our local member of parliament.

I spent several hours walking the neighbourhood putting things in letter boxes. Letters and advertising material. As well I acted as scrutineer for the same gentleman - which required me to attend, with the team from the Electoral Commission to ensure that the voters in nursing homes were able to freely vote. There was little to do but observe, but it meant long days - and in many cases standing!

On election day I was up early and at my "booth" at 7 am, and essentially I was on duty all day, and after the polling booth closed, I acted of scrutineer for the count. All up a 14+ hour day! Boy the old body really felt it at the end of the day. I went to the "after party" but it was depressing. A change of Government was the result of the voting, and many of our party workers were both exhausted and depressed. I went home to rest.

The next morning the body was in severe pain! My legs and feet were terribly painful. I had to get up and pick flowers at the farm. When I eventually returned home, I put my feet up, and about midday poured a glass of wine.

And rested to let the body recover!


Kiwi Riverman said…
I haven't seen you around the traps for a few weeks. Guessed you were busy with te election in Queensland.

Well a Queenslander is PM, at least.

Di Hill said…
You'll see me around a bit more Peter, I hope. Cheers. Thanks for visiting.

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