Back to the real world.

I'm still somewhat tired - I guess it is really time I slowed down. On Monday morning we had to pick flowers - but the Gerberas were a mess. The Rutherglen bugs had got in over the weekend and devastated the flowers. So many of them hung lifless on their stems, and so many others had damage within the flower so that in the end we had a great pile of useless flowers. Very little for the florists this week.

And wouldn';t you know, at the same time there are plagues of butterflies around - they are a moth that has in the past gotten into the hothouse and eaten the flowers. We are ready for them.

After picking I had quite a lot of things to do at home - washing in particular, and a bit of housework, and some reading.

On Monday night I attended a "consultation" meeting at Shangri-La Gardens for the Schools of Tomorrow. The State Government has put aside $100 million to cover the costs of redeveloping our local schools (there are 13) and bringing them in line with 21st century thinking. I won't rant on about it here - but I was unimpressed. I'm back again for another meeting on Monday night next, so more nonsense to endure.

On Tuesday I worked again at Bayside Recruitment - pretty much on my own as one staff member was working from home, another one doing training, and then there was me! Quite chaotic at times.

Glad to get home - but had to attend two more meetings. Why do I do this?


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