Arriving in Brisbane - asleep

Well, not me, of course! But the little chap beside me was gone! Sound, sound asleep. He didn't feel the bump as the plane landed.

I tried to wake him up - but he didn't budge. I waited until most of the other passengers had left the plane before struggling to my feet with him in my arms, and our four bags! It just didn't work. I tried making him walk, but his legs just wobbled and he didn't wake up. All the passengers and crew had left the plane and I struggled from row 22 to the front of the plane.

Fortunately one of the flight attendants saw what was happening and came back to help me. She picked up J, and carried him from the plane. He wrapped his little arms around her (much to her delight) as she carried him up the ramp to his mother.

His mother was hoping that this little fellow would run to her in excitement - but he couldn't even open his eyes. She carried him to the car, and after installing the car seat, he was put in and still didn't move. He remained asleep until 9.30 am the following morning.

Apparently his mother was stricken as she watched all the other passengers disembark - with no sign of the beloved son! She really freaked as she contemplated that we had missed the plane and were stuck in Adelaide. (Why, we surely would have phoned some nearly 3 hours before hand if that was the case!)

To her it seemed like a very long time that it took for us to disembark - and where I was, all alone with a little boy and too much luggage to leave behind it felt like a long time too!

Fortunately all was well. We all arrived home safely without a scratch! But both the little fellow and his grandmother (me) were exhausted. I know it will take a few more days for me to recover.


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