Another swim

I was told that J would sleep in - but he didn't. He was wide awake and rready to go far earlier than I was! Thank goodness I had my sister to share my child care duties - she loves children and is waiting for her own grand children!

I went over to the Westfield shopping centre to get a few food items, and some swimming togs and new pyjamas for the little fellow. The latter simply because I saw some I liked. He certainly had plenty of clothes!

In the afternoon we went to the beach again, with Nan and Chewey Pop, and J's second cousin and her boyfriend. He had a great time in the water.

What a time he had diving in the water, being carried high on M's shoulders and generally enjoying the warm waters of St Vincent's Gulf. It was one of Adelaide's balmy summer days, and the beach was full of beach goers.

We all enjoyed an icecream (a Dixie) before departing the beach and back home for the little fellow to have a bath, dinner and head to bed. Exhausted again, but fighting it as he does.


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